Boxcast, a Cleveland based company specializing in live video streaming software and hardware and the leader in church service streaming, required a flexible solution for their rapidly growing company.


Boxcast wanted to remain in Cleveland, preferred a loft office space in the Ohio city area, and required the right to take more space on short notice along with the ability to cancel the lease, a very unusual request.


Terry was able to acquire a century old office building in need of redevelopment at 2401 W. Superior Viaduct, a four story office building made of brick and wood timbers. He acquired it along with a partner and brought it back to its original loft office heritage. Boxcast was then able to lease one floor, which has expanded to two more floors to accommodate their remarkable growth, with one more floor to go.

Under the terms of the lease, Boxcast has the right to expand, and 30 days notice, into the remainder of the building. Terry was also able to secure incentives for Boxcast, which has more than doubled its workforce in three years and has seen revenue increased tenfold.


Terry became both landlord and an investor in the company. The building now houses Boxcast, and Snip, a Cleveland based start up that is contributing to the growing technology culture of Cleveland.

“Terry started as a broker, became our landlord, shareholder, and friend. We trust him for any real estate questions and would not make any real estate decisions without him.”

– Gordon Daily, Boxcast


More information can be found here.